We provide wireless high speed Internet access in the La Paz, BCS area!
wDSL Wireless DSL. We provide wireless, high speed Internet access. You don't need a telephone line or any other type of cable to experience fast and relyable Internet access. Our plans start as low as US$59.95/month and we provide access speeds of 512k up to 512k. VoIP Voice over IP. Our Voice over IP service allows you to speak through the Internet through a regular telephone set, dialing up any telephone number in the US and Canada, unlimited calls and for unlimited time for only US$39.95/month, all included.
wDSL Wireless Hot Spots. A Hot Spot is a place such as a holel lobby, a coffee shop or other public place where people with wireless-equipped laptops can access the Internet.

Create an incentive for people to be at your business. Provide them with wireless, high speed Internet access through our Hot Spot service.

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Wireless router
Why going wireless. Convensional high speed Internet access (DSL) is provided over a telephone line, but only to users close to the phone company central switches. Wireless DSL is a cost effective alternative if you need high speed Internet access and you don't live within the reach of the phone company, don't have a phone line or simply don't want to buy the service from the phone company. Get a fast Internet connection for only US$59.95/month.

Expensive long distance bills? Not any more! With our VoIP (Voice over IP) service you are able to place unlimited calls to the US and Canada for only US$39.95/month.

wDSL+ wDSL Plus. Get a wireless, fast Internet connection (512k) and VoIP for only US$99.95/month.

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